Stolper H., Doesum K. Van & Steketee M.
Stolper, H., Doesum, K. V., & Steketee, M. (2022). Integrated Family Approach in the Context of Mental Health Care by Professionals from Adult and Child Mental Health Services: A Qualitative Study. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 748.
Publication year: 2022

A multiple case-study in which each case was evaluated by adult and child mental health professionals who used an integrated family approach in their treatments. In this approach, treatment focuses on the mental disorders of the parents as well as on the development of the young child and family relationships. This study evaluated the experiences of professionals from adult and child mental health services using this approach. The aim of the study is identifying key elements of this approach, processes involved in treatment, and barriers to its success, with the aim of contributing to the development of practice based integrated mental health care for the whole family.

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